An Abortive Attempt

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: An Abortive Attempt
Author(s): Paula Smith
Date(s): February 1975
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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An Abortive Attempt is a 1975 Star Trek: TOS story by Paula Smith.

It was published in Menagerie #5.

Fan Comments

Some stories are anti-feminist in that women are segregated out of them; action is all concerned with the male characters, and the implication is that women are not liable to participate in such matters. Others concern women, but in a very negative light -- the stories mentioned here were "Murder, Rape, and Other Unsocial Acts" and "An Abortive Attempt"; the first of which treated a Klingon woman and her mother-in-law as respectively a piece of furniture and a bitch; and the second that had a human woman gynecologist jerked out of her office and ferried off to Vulcan on charges for an action that was legal and moral on her own world. (The argument with the latter seemed to be more on the legal precedent than the feminist issue.) [1]
'An Abortive Attempt' also by Paula is a much better piece about a Vulcan woman who gets an abortion by a Terran doctor and the consequences of the doctor. Good examination of morality that doesn't have to apply to the 23rd century obviously. [2]


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