Amazing Variety

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Title: Amazing Variety
Publisher: Star Island Press which became Driftwood Press
Editor(s): Bruce R. Jividen
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Starman (TV)
Language: English
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cover by Sandra L. Smith

Amazing Variety has the subtitle, "A Window to the Starman Universe." It is a 90-page gen Starman anthology. Cover artwork by Sandra L. Smith.

  • Features poems by Yvette Jessen (then Cantrell), Marina Bailey, Ellen Jackson, Valerie Landercasper, Valerie Bushell, Keith Kunz, Sheryl Peterson, and Vicki H. Werkley.
  • Includes stories by Todd A. Andrews (Fan-Q Winner), Bruce R. Jividen, Christine C. Menefee, Anonymous, Sandra L. Smith, Lynda B. Sappington, L. E. Sibley, Deb Gallagher, Gayle HighPine, and Vicki H. Werkley.
  • Also, filks, articles, and artwork by Candi Farmer, Merle (Wiebke) Pommert, Christine C. Menefee, Sonja van den Ende, Valerie Bushell, and Bruce R. Jividen.
  • Other information: five of the six 1993 Fan Q winners contributed to this fanzine.