Alternate Dimensions of Reality

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Title: Alternate Dimensions of Reality
Publisher: Radstock Press (La Puente, California)
Editor(s): Lynn Colemann, Chrystal Drake
Date(s): 1987-?
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Alternate Dimensions of Reality is a gen multifandom anthology with two issues.

Issue 1

Alternate Dimensions of Reality 1 was published in 1987 and contains 150 pages.

front cover by Kit Chevier
back cover by Kit Chevier

The art is by Kit Chevier (covers), Rainbow T'Pyr, Jody A. Morse, Philip Dunham, and Jenne Stanbrook.

One of the editors says they had the idea for this zine ten years ago.

[from the editorial: We put out our first flyers at a local convention, Equicon, In March, and Chrystal spent the next three months crying, "What if nobody sends us anything?" After that she got on a few of our friend's cases and reminded them that they had promised us some stories if we ever did this 'zine.

Well, we got a couple — okay, one. — inquiry, and with bated breath waited for it to come to fruition. No luck, but near our deadline, we got a — gasp! — submission in the mail!

Now, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but if you xerox your stuff before sending it (an excellent idea, the post office is very fallible), make sure that the copy is legible. I_ have to read and type it Into ye old computer. (The only way to run a fanzine! I'm convinced of it!) Oh yeah, since we have a computer to do this thing, if you have a computer that you do your writing on, and if you have a modem, we can download your stuff (if it's in ASCII). Saves worrying if the post awful has lost your stuff in transit. Just send us your phone number and best time to call you.

Maybe it was the long lead time we had for this first issue, but we actually filled the zine before our deadline of October 31st! The nail biting was over illos. My heartfelt thanks to all our artists! (Otherwise, I was going to have to try and draw. You do not want to even think about my drawings, much less look at them.)

Note: the content descriptions below are from the zine itself.

  • Dedication, Goodbye to Stephanie (4)
  • Editorial Comments I by Lynn Colemann (7)
  • Editorial Comments II by Chrystal Drake (contains short bios of the authors and artists, explains about the comment sheet in the zine ("We would really like to hear how you feel about the stories and poetry (and the column!) in this zine but not everyone has time to write long (or even short) letters of comment. So, we thought that a comment sheet might it make it easier for our busy readers to respond.") (8)
  • A Bird in the Hand by Jenne Stanbrook ("Star Trek story. Takes place early in James Kirk's career. Quite funny.") (8)
  • A Harbinger of Tragedy by Patricia McKnight ("Star Wars story. Takes place about four years before A New Hope. Introduces a new character and universe. Generally serious, but with a scene that has to be read to be believed.") (18)
  • Necessities of Life by Lynn Colemann ("This story is based on that scene in the previous story that has to be read to be believed.") (62)
  • Womansong, A Journal of Pure Dignity by Rainbow T'Pyr ("Poem. Even if you don't care for poetry, this is a good one. Very haunting. Besides, Rainbow T'Pyr doesn't do traditional poetry. Try it, you'll like it.") (64)
  • A Wee Bit O'Blarney by Frank Laney ("Star Trek story. This takes place sometime during the original series. Kirk's antagonist is a Romulan Commander with a touch of Irish humor.") (74)
  • Transition of a Lady by Rainbow T'Pyr (Star Trek poem) (90)
  • Magnum's Dark and Story Night by Philip Dunham ("Magnum P.I. (what else?) story. Very funny. Very silly. And very good. Magnum meets demons, rescues fair (almost) maiden, and suffers acute embarrassment.") (94)
  • (Slightly More Than) 20 Minutes into the Future by Jody A. Morse ("Max Headroom/Star Trek story. Also very funny and very good. Max joins our intrepid -- whoops, wrong ship -- enterprising crew and solves a major crime.") (102)
  • Heritage by Leah Parker ("Star Wars story. Luke reads letters from his mother to Ben Kenobi, and learns more than he expected.") (114)
  • The Dentrassi Galley by Lynn Colemann ("An intergalactic cooking colum. Food, food, and more food! Try Ploomek Soup. Or Womp-rat. How about Klah? Or, for dessert, a Time Warp Sundae!") (120)
  • The Watchdogs by Rainbow T'Pyr ("Poem, a short but quite amusing one. Computers and other intelligence.") (126)
  • The Logical Thing to Do by Leah Parker ("Star Trek story. Takes place after IV, The Voyage Home. The Enterprise acquires an interesting new crew member.") (128)

Issue 2

Alternate Dimensions of Reality 2 was published in 1988 and contains 144 pages.