Altered Views

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Altered Views
Author(s): Kay Wells
Date(s): 1993
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Altered Views is a Kirk/Spock story by Kay Wells. The art is by DEW.

interior art by DEW

It was published in the print zine KaleidoScope #1.


"Kirk finds out that Spock has been to a pleasure house and goes to find out why."

Reactions and Reviews

"Altered Views" by Kay Wells took a situation that she has used before and expanded on it. That is. Kirk's inability to see Spock as a sexual being, and specifically in a homosexual context. I found myself wondering if the story had been written just to have the opportunity to write a menage sex scene without Spock. Kinda nice, as menage scenes go, but then I'm not a big fan of them. But Kay does have the ability to make the unlikely seem perfectly natural, and whenever she has Kirk visit a pleasure house I seem to get swept up in the surroundings and go along with him. Usually, as it is here, the trip's... er.... interesting.

One of the problems that I've noticed in some of Kay's latest work is difficulty with pacing. Once Kirk is back on board the ship, the scenes before their sexual encounter were frustrating, First I thought that we were going to tour some unusual areas of the Enterprise, but then the author backed off and took us back to Kirk's quarters instead. And the actual questions and answers between the two, about that incriminating slip of paper, just seemed to last forever, (pages 153 through 156).

This author is such an easy writer to read, her stories have a wonderful "flow" to them. Sort of like a drink of water that just slides down your throat. But in this case the transitions on page 147 needed a little work, which I think should have been caught in the editing process. It was really obvious that the author wanted "out" of that scene, and was anxious to move on. An accomplished writer like Kay Wells is capable of much more graceful transitions than these; I'm sure it was simply a case of inattention.[1]
McCoy reveals to Kirk that he saw Spock on shore leave on a planet called Mankala (great name- it has a sort of hedonistic ring to it- even if the planet is described as being "conservative") go to a pleasure house/massage parlor called the Twelve Fingers (also a great name as it refers to one of the physical attributes of the Mankalans.).

Kirk is astonished, surprised, disbelieving and finally bothered enough to go to the same establishment in hopes of finding out what Spock was up to. Before he goes, he tries prodding Spock for answers in an amusing scene where Kirk "nearly choked on his coffee" when Spock tells htm that shore leave was "uneventful".

Clear and well paced as we follow Kirk to the Twelve Fingers and then to a wonderfully done long scene that takes up most of the story, wherein Kirk receives the same "treatment" as Spock. Alternately funny, sexy and intriguing, two male Mankalans service Kirk. Ms. Wells' talent is really utilized here in this richly detailed, unrushed and enjoyable scene as Kirk gets swept up in the sensations and reacts to his increasing dilemma of whether to worry about Spock or enjoy what's being done to him.

I loved little touches like the Mankalans saying about Kirk: " 'It's been a long time since we met someone as responsive and desirable as you.'" and how "...his cock twitched and a silky palm and fingers wrapped around its impressive girth." when referring to K's anatomy. That's my man!

The tentative interaction between K and S subsequent to the Twelve Fingers experience was especially well defined. Good character details make up the gym workout scene wherein Spock finds a note from the Mankalans and knows Kirk has been there.

Kirk's confrontation and admission to Spock is a continuation of this carefully crafted, straightforward story and their realization of love absolutely sizzles. And I loved this dominant Spock doing all sorts of dominant things to Kirk, including an excellent passage describing their first kiss.

A few minor quibbles: I can do without Spock's "felinoid Vulcan ancestors". And there is no need to hedge by explaining " 'Turn over, Jim,' Spock ordered/asked haltingly."' He was taking care of business just fine and didn't need an excuse. And help! another- "And the room reeked of sex." Maybe it's just me, but it's not too pleasant of a description. Also, there appears to have been no reason for revealing a very special Mankalan physical attribute of their fur-like skin so late in the story. There was no reason for the mystery.

But, page 160 makes up for any and all shortcomings (pardon the expression) with an incredibly erotic description of Spock's equipment and all the neat things he did with it.

Again, a really excellent story by an accomplished author (and artist, lest I be remiss and not mention the lovely accompanying drawing of Kirk and the nice blank reverse side of the page). I really appreciate Kay Well's style- it's clear and unadorned, moves at a fast pace, yet is nicely detailed and highly readable.[2]


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