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Name: alt.horror.cthulhu
Date(s): 1998(?) -
Fandom: H.P. Lovecraft
URL: alt.horror.cthulhu
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alt.horror.cthulhu was an H.P. Lovecraft newsgroup that was created in or before 1998.[1] Donovan K. Loucks, the webmaster of the Lovecraft fansite, described its focus like so:

The group is specifically about the creatures, people, places and legends of the Cthulhu Mythos (or Cthulhu Cycle) as reported in the fiction of Howard Phillips Lovecraft and numerous other authors. More generally, the newsgroup also covers other aspects of H.P. Lovecraft’s life and work, works by other authors of related style and content, and Mythos-related organizations and products (real or fictional) such as Miskatonic University, music, games, tee shirts, and posters.

Alt.Horror.Cthulhu FAQ [2]

paghat the ratgirl, a member of the group, posted a lengthy history of fanzines to alt.horror.cthulhu in 1999.

The Google group version of alt.horror.cthulhu was still hosting discussions related to Lovecraft in 2023.[3]


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