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Fan Club
Name: Alpha 99
Dates: at least May 1977 to ?
Leadership: Adriana Gomez
Country based in: Tampa, Florida
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Alpha 99 was a Space: 1999 fan club.

It published a monthly newsletter as well as the zine Alphan Moonscapes.

Fan Comments

Last-known president, Adriana Gomez... When I joined this club in May, 1977, it appeared to be a good, well-organizaed club, as club materials arrived almost immediately. However, the monthly newsletters have not appeared since May (it is now November — I think!) and no explanation has been made as to why. The club does produce a fanzine, Alphan Moonscapes, which is rather nice at 75 cents per copy. The club, however, is a wait and see, or avoid altogether. [1]


  1. ^ from Moonbeam #1/2