Along For The Ride

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Title: Along For The Ride
Author(s): Dusty
Date(s): 2011
Length: 44 chapters
Genre: incest/slash angst
Fandom: Hanson
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Along For The Ride is a Hanson fanfic written by Dusty.

The story is written from Taylor's point of view, in a world where he and his only brother Zac are in a band very different from Hanson. Taylor is the ultimate bad boy who delights in teasing his more prude-ish younger brother, at least until their relationship gets more than a bit twisted. It all comes out in the end, when a friend discovers their relationship and Taylor pays the consequences. In the end, it is revealed that the fic is the novel Taylor wrote after his psychiatric treatment.

Hitting The Blacktop

The sequel to Along For The Ride, this story is told from Zac's point of view as he tries to move on with his life and find a normal job. A family emergency puts him back in Taylor's path, and the two spend the rest of the story trying to work out their issues while Zac also pursues a more normal relationship with an OMC.

Reactions and Reviews

If you can make sense of some of the strange turns of phrase, odd metaphors, fragments and run-ons, there is a good story in Along For The Ride. It’s a dark, twisted version of Taylor and Zac that few would recognize as the real boys, but Dusty creates an interesting, believable world–albeit one that needs quite a bit of editing.[1]
Unlike Along For The Ride, however, there’s a lot of external conflict here, and until that halfway point, it seems to drive the story. After that, the characters–or, at least, Taylor and Zac–are forced to re-confront all the internal conflict that got them where they are now. It’s that unresolved internal conflict that drives the second half of the story, which is easily the more interesting half. Just because the conflict is internal doesn’t mean it’s boring; I actually find that more interesting than random tragedies being thrown at the characters.[2]


These stories won awards in the Blank Page Awards. They are featured in the hall of fame.


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