All the Days of Christmas

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Title: All the Days of Christmas
Author(s): Judith M. Seaman
Date(s): 1988
Length: 23 pages
Genre(s): gen, humor
Fandom(s): Blake's 7
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All the Days of Christmas is Blake's 7 story by Judith M. Seaman.

It was published in Horizon #11 in January 1988.


Set in early Series 2, this story is impossible to describe, really. Judith says she "Can't really write humour. CAN Judith write humour? Is the Pope Catholic? One of the funniest things I've ever read -AND it has a serious ending... (From an ad in Horizon Newsletter #19)

Reactions and Reviews

I also enjoyed Judith Seaman's "All the Days of Christmas," which had me laughing out loud in places...[1]

Judith Seaman's All The Days of Christmas was very clever: I like the way she matched the different items to the characters.[2]

Then of course there is "All The Days of Christmas", possibly the funniest B7 story I've ever read in Horizon 11. This story, although not Federation.[3]

"The 12 Days of Christmas" is an absolute delight [4]

*"All the Days of Christmas" by Judith Seaman, it all starts when Blake finds a pear tree growing in his cabin - guaranteed to have you in stitches [5]

"All the Days of Christmas" by Judith M. Seaman. Amusing. Quite amusing. Yep, that's good. Ah, of course, it was by Judith M. Seaman; what else could one expect? [6]


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