All The King's Men

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Title: All the King's Men
Author(s): Marna Nightingale and Skud
Date(s): 2004-2005
Genre(s): Slash, Polyamory
Fandom(s): Horatio Hornblower
External Links: All the King's Men on AO3

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All The King's Men is a Hornblower fanfic series written by Marna Nightingale and Skud in 2004 and 2005. Some of the stories in the series were written by Marna or Skud, others were written by both authors together.

The series consists of 12 stories ranging in length from 327 words (Consent, by Skud) to almost 18,000 words (Fire Sermon by Marna), and is a mix of prose and epistolary works.

All The King's Men is a polyamorous ensemble series, but the primary focus of all the stories is the one-episode character of Major Lord Edrington, and especially his relationships with Archie Kennedy, Edward Pellew, and William Bush. Featured pairings include Edward Pellew/Edrington, Edrington/Archie Kennedy, William Bush/Edrington and Kitty Cobham/Edrington. While the popular pairings of Horatio Hornblower/Archie Kennedy and William Bush/Horatio Hornblower are present in the series, neither is the sole focus of any of the published stories.