All That He Needs

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Title: All That He Needs
Creator: darkbunnyrabbit
Format: wmv
Length: 23MB
Music: "All That He Needs" by The Calling
Genre: AU, spoilers for Goblet of Fire
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: offline

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All That He Needs is a Harry Potter vid by darkbunnyrabbit. This is a het vid with the pairing of Harry/Hermione.

Vid summary: "Harry loves Hermione, but refuses to admit it. Hermione knows it, and tries to get him to admit it, but he rebuffs all her advances, feeling she's too good for him.

Through their fights, and the strife generated by the Triwizard tournament, he slowly gains the courage to tell her, and finally decides to tell her when the school year ends. In the end, however, he is too late, as Viktor has already moved in on her throughout the year."

It was reviewed by Milly at the reel on January 2, 2008:

Overall impression: A cute, if somewhat shaky, AU vid.

Titles: As subtittles over the first shots, a bit lost in the white snow, but well presented through the intro of the song.

Music choice: I thought the song choice was a really good one, both because it really sticks to the story, but also because the beat is enjoyable.

Narration, Tone and Movement: I have to admit that I had to read the description to really grasp the story, which can partly be attributted somewhat to a weakness in the narration. AU vids are tricky to pull off and you can't expect your viewers to see the story as you do, so you have to put it down for them very clearly. Once I did read the description though, I was definitely able to follow. Movement was used well here, but it could have been used even more through the chorus, because it didn't feel punched enough.

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring: I really liked the overlays you used a few times, to place them both in the same shot or to spit the screen between the two, but be careful with some cuts because you had a few stray frames here and there (nothing major), which can break the flow. As for the rest (coloring esp.)- there was nothing that I could notice, other than I'd wished the source was a better quality (even though it doesn't truly matter, the quality of the source doesn't define the video's quality ;)), because there were points where I had trouble making out exactly what was happening (because it was too pixelated, especially in the scenery shots)

Specific vid & music notes: 0:44 I really liked the overlay. It might have been better with a minor color correction (to bring the two colorings closer), but it still works as it is. 0:53-0:56 I loved the sort of tracking motion here on the clip of her smiling on 'she's all that he wants', followed by a shot of them with Harry looking at her. 2:00 I'm not really sure what was the point of this shot here, it just seems so out of context. 2:51 I like how the internal motion from the scenery shot continues in the Harry show, that was a really nice touch.

Final notes: I'm a Harry/Hermione shipper to the core (it's actually the one ship I've written the most for in fanfics), so I was probably expecting a lot just going in. There were definitely a few squee moments, but overall the shaky musicality and the talky face (shots were the characters are talking - that's a big no-no, it's distracting and breaks the flow) almost killed it for me. There is definitely potential here though.