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Mailing List
Name: All E! Fanfic
Date(s): 10 March 2001 to November 2019
Moderated: Yes
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Emergency
Scope: Gen and Het Fanfiction
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All E! Fanfic was a Yahoo group that had moderated posting, with 1,160 members at its close. The group's peak period was in 2001-2004. When it was active it had as many as 200 messages a month. The group was linked to an All E! Storyfinders message board at:


This group is for the posting of Emergency! Fan Fiction. It is designed to give writers an opportunity to reach the widest audience possible in a timely fashion and to give readers a centralized location to find new fiction. Though we encourage writers to have their stories beta'd prior to posting, there is no formal submission process. All stories are welcome, however, we request that no slash or erotica be posted to this site.