Alice Jones & Hope Swan-Jones

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Gen Relationship
Relationship: Alice Jones & Hope Swan-Jones
Alternative name(s): Curious Cygnet
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Type: General
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Relatively Uncommon
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Curious Cygnet is the non-canonical gen relationship between Alice Jones and Hope Swan-Jones.


In canon, the extent of the two's interactions is that they were in the same room together. This is in part due to said scene being Hope's only onscreen appearance, and one in which she is only a baby.


Hope is the daughter of the Original!Killian Jones, whereas Alice is the daughter of his Wishverse counterpart. Because of this, opinions on Hope and Alice's post-canon relationship varies significantly depending on the fan and the clique/community they're a part of.

Some see their relationship as sisterly, others see them as being something akin to cousins,[1] and yet others view their relationship to be between friends rather than be biologically or socially familial.

Much of the differences in fandom headcanons also comes from the ambiguity in regards to the timeline. Because of this, fans and the works produced often differ on whether Alice interacts with Hope as a child, or as an adult.

Some fanworks and headcanons portray their relationship as a positive one,[2] whilst others portray it more negatively.[3] Usually, the difference occurs depending on how Hope is portrayed.


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