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Title: Alibi
Author(s): Valaks
Date(s): 13 July 2020
Length: 8,663 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Alibi (AO3)

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Alibi is an Alex Rider story by Valaks.

Summary: After a year in the field, being a teen seems to be the only cover Alex Rider can’t maintain. As he struggles for normalcy, a flippant comment on a zoom call makes him a suspect in a murder investigation and he finds himself dragged back into the life that no one seems ready to let him leave behind. Post Crocodile Tears (Spyfest 2020 Week 2 Co-Winner)

Recs and Reviews

[...] is a story examining the other side of Alex’s life: his time in school and the relationships with people outside the immediate scope of MI6, specifically Tom and Jack. This story pulls into sharp focus the impact that a year in the the shadier sides of life have not only on Alex, but the impression of him held by those closest to him. What’s more, Alibi is a wonderful look at Alex Rider through a very contemporary lens in 2020: classes held via Zoom, the ever-present reach of technology and how relationships function online. For a book series with a loose sense of the ‘present’ that updates with each publication, seeing an author tackle some of the singular challenges of the current year was a personal delight for us.[1]

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