Aliança 3 Vassouras

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Name: Aliança 3 Vassouras
Date(s): 2002-2009, 2012-
Founder: Pichi
Type: fanfiction and fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Aliança 3 Vassouras (commonly referred to as 3V) is a Harry Potter archive that hosts primarily fics in Portuguese. It accepts fics of all ratings and pairings.


The site was founded in November 2002, with the fusion of three Brazilian fan sites: Corujas de Hogwarts, Pontas & Almofadinhas, and a Harry Potter RPG site. 3V offered several challenges in a variety of genres and ships, and a very active forum. Later, 3V also attempted mergers with two other major Brazilian HP sites, Beco Diagonal and Animagos, but eventually they parted ways.

3V retained its core userbase at the forums and as an archive throughout several upheavals over its seven years of activity. In July 2009, the site closed its doors. Before the shut-down, a news announcement provided download links to a text dump of all the fics uploaded to 3V at the time.

In mid-2012, Pichi restored the 3V archive page, and is working on putting back up all the fics that had been previously hosted there—except for the ones whose authors requested otherwise.

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