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Synonyms: problematic solo stan
See also: bias, solo stan, duwei
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Akgae (악개) is a K-pop fandom term for a fan who likes only one member of a music group and hates the others. It is an abbreviation of "akseong gaeinpaen" (악성개인팬) or "malicious individual fan."[1][2] Akgae spread negative rumors and misinformation about the other group members.[3]

There seems to be disagreement in English-speaking fandom over whether akgae means the same thing as solo stan, as a number of sources devote time to clarifying that they are not the same.[4][5] From Tumblr user dearestnana:

Also solo stan =/= akgae, there’s nothing wrong with being a solo stan either, so even though the fandom twisted the word, the meaning stays the same. Learn the difference between solo stan and akgae. Akgae are the people who bash other members in order to lift up their own bias. Solo stans simply focus on their fave and are indifferent to others.[6]