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Vid Collection
Title: Aims Vid Album
Vidder(s): silly-cleo et al
Date: November 2013 - May 2014
Format: digital vid album
Length: approximately 37 minutes
Genre/Theme: vid album
Fandom (s): multifandom
URL: Aims Vid Album Masterpost (Sticky Post), Archived version

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The Aims Vid Album, also known as the Aims Project, is a collection of eleven vids in various fandoms, each set to a song from Aims, a 2013 album by Vienna Teng which had been released under a Creative Commons license and allowed no-commercial uses. Vienna Teng explained why she chose the Creative Commons license: “The CD has a Creative Commons license instead of a standard copyright, which means the music can be shared to some extent. ”We live in an age where people can easily copy things. People can create a mix, sing along and post that on YouTube, or pass it along to a friend, as long as there is respect for the original."[1]

Organised by silly-cleo, it includes the work of eight different vidders. Fandoms represented include Sleepy Hollow, The Hunger Games, Orphan Black, Wonder Woman, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Thor, Pacific Rim, Doctor Who and Bunheads. The project also includes one multifandom/no fandom vid.

  • Level Up by kaydeefalls, fandom: Sleepy Hollow.
  • In the 99 by cosmic_llin, fandom: The Hunger Games (Movies).
  • Landsailor by raven, fandom: Multi-fandom.
  • Close to Home by shinyjenni, fandom: Orphan Black.
  • The Hymn of Acxiom by beccatoria, fandom: Sleepy Hollow.
  • Oh Mama No by chaila, fandom: Wonder Woman.
  • Copenhagen (Let Me Go) by cosmic_llin, fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Flyweight Love by such_heights, fandom: Thor (Movies).
  • The Breaking Light by such_heights, fandom: Pacific Rim.
  • Never Look Away by purplefringe, fandom: Doctor Who (2005).
  • Goodnight New York by chaila, fandom: Bunheads.

The project was launched in November 2013 and the final vid was posted in May 2014. The entire album was shown a month later at VidUKon 2014.

In August 2014 an article[2] on The Daily Dot discussed the album in the context of Vienna Teng's popularity as an artist for vidsongs and how the Cerative Commons license enabled the fanvids. After reading the Daily Dot article Vienna Teng posted to her Facebook and her twitter:
"“Why Creative Commons is awesome, Exhibit A: a fanvid of every song on Aims. Thanks to all the collaborators & creators who made this—wish I could’ve been there at VidUKon to meet you all!”[3]



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