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Pairing: Agron/Nasir
Alternative name(s): Nagron
Gender category: slash
Fandom: Spartacus
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: major slash OTP, canon
Archives: none specific
Other: none
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Agron/Nasir is a canon pairing in the Spartacus fandom concentrating on the characters of Agron and Nasir.

It became one of the main pairings on the show after Nasir was introduced in season three (Agron has been part of the show since the middle of the first season).

Fandom & Fanon

Creators' approach to the pairing

One of the refreshing things about the pairing is the fact that, for the most part, it's treated in a similar way as other (straight) relationships. In the YouTube promotional campaign for War of the Damned, Starz released a Closer Look at Agron and a significant part of the video concentrated on the relationship.

Fandom reception of the pairing

The online fandom (Tumblr in particular) embraced Nagron immediately and enthusiastically, however it's noticeable that STARZ is a network targeting primarily straight males and not all of them were so accepting of the relationship. In the video mentioned above (Closer Look at Agron), some of the first comments were negative and contained homophobic slurs.


One of the popular tropes in Nagron fanfics is an AU where Agron and Nasir meet for the first time before the start of the rebellion, when Nasir still goes by his slave name Tiberius.

Spartacus tag on Tumblr

When Nagron fans started to be very active on Tumblr, they tended to tag all their posts with both nagron and spartacus. Spartacus fans who didn't ship Nagron expressed their dislike for all the Nagron content populating "their" tag, which resulted in a short wank and antagonisms within the fandom.

Goat Farm

Towards the end of the last season, Nagron fans became concerned that both Agron and Nasir would die at the end (as, historically, most of the rebellion either died in battle or have been crucified) and the spoilers released hadn't soothed fannish hearts. Fans (mostly posting to the nagron Tumblr tag) started to speculate what the ending for their beloved characters would be. Many clung to the fact that neither Agron nor Nasir are historical figures, therefore show's creators didn't have to kill them off.

One of the most popular theories was that Nagron managed to escape the final battle, travel back to the land East of Rhine (Agron's homeland) and became shephards, starting their own goat farm. There were a variety of additional theories as to how they manage to escape (some fans opted to believe Castus used his pirate connections to smuggle Nasir and his gladiator on a pirate ship), but the Goat Farm soon became the dominant theory as to what happens to Nagron after the finale.

In weeks leading to the finale, nagron tag on Tumblr was filled with pictures and gifs of goats and other fanart (including a variation on a popular meme Keep Calm and Goat Farm). The concept of The Goat Farm was embraced by Dan Feuerriegel (who portrayed Agron), who's very active on Twitter [1]

After the finale aired and it became clear that Nagron survived, the idea that Nagron indeed went on to set up a goat farm was declared canon by fans, after it's been endored in a tweet from Steven DeKnight,[2] and picked up by mainstream media[3]


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