Agent Carter Appreciation Week

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Event: Agent Carter Appreciation Week
Participants: charlserik
Date(s): 24 Feb. - 3 Mar. 2015
Type: fanweek
Fandom: Agent Carter
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Agent Carter Appreciation Week was a fanweek starting the day the last episode of Agent Carter season 1 aired.

The Announcement

Agent Carter Appreciation Week

Sadly Season 1 of Agent Carter is coming to an end, but it seems like a good idea to celebrate the wonderful show with an appreciation week after the last episode airs, so from February 24, to March 3, let’s great creative

The Days are as follows:
Day 1: Favorite Fight
Day 2: Favorite Ship OTP/BROTP
Day 3: Favorite Outfit
Day 4: Favorite Quote
Day 5: Favorite Cast Member
Day 6: Favorite Episode
Day 7: Free Choice, go wild

All posts should be tagged as #agentcarterweek so we can all see each others work :)

The main thing is to have fun and show your love for this amazing show :D [1]



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