After Ten Years

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Title: After Ten Years
Author(s): [Izzy
Date(s): October 29, 2000
Length: 4,954 words
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: at

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After Ten Years is a Harry Potter story by Izzy. It was a very early Harry/Draco fic posted to the internet.

Some fans speculated that it was the first Harry/Draco fic, but that honor likely goes to The Kiss of Life. When a fan asked if "After Ten Years" was the first (or the first posted to, the author responded: "Actually guys, this wasn't the first H/D posted to []. It was inspired by H/D slash I read here, which was obviously posted before it. Sorry." [1]

For context, see other early Harry/Draco fics.

Fan Comments:


Very nice! I love it! Can you write another one? Similar but not same!
umm no. Sorry, but no. Harry is not gay. It's just not possible.
That was horrible!, you shjould have said it was Porno
Kewl! Totally radical! SLASH ROCKS! _ More! More! More! (Yes, I'm a girl and I love Draco, so it's kinda freaky...hehehehehehehe...;;)


That was the most ed up thing I've ever read in my whole entire life.

Umm, right. This was a very good story, but I just isn't very good at picturing Harry and DRACO together. Uh, it was good anyway.
Very good! Had a plot, twist in the end, and heck! Everyone's got to love a good Harry/Draco slash! Good job!
I actually liked this alot. I didn't think I would like a harry/draco slash, but I did. I think you did a good job on this. (And I like that Ron and Hermione were married!)
Well I think this is an extremly cool story. Nice bit of Yaoi (m/m),any yaoi haters should have sex with Voldemort!


Yay! It's always good to find a story with both slashiness *and* an interesting plot. ;) Draco's job and history were creatively done, and I really liked the twists at the end. I also liked that rather than instantly falling in love, D&H actually had to get over some bad blood first... much more realistic that way. Great job!


That's gotta be one of the most planned out, mysterious Harry/Draco fics I've ever read! THAT'S A GOOD THING THOUGH!
it went a little fast concidering the romance but THE IDEA AND STORY ITSELF WAS FANTASTIC

lol. Loved the ending. Slash writings are so great. I'm ecstatic that fanfiction allows them. :: sigh ::

That was the first harry draco one I've ever read but you did a tremendous job. Keep 'em coming!


i dont think harry and draco would go for each other that quickly.

other than that, good story.


What the fucking shit u twisted sick disgusting creature! U have turned a wonderful child fantasy land into a sick gay playground! U make me want to barf all over he keyboard!


I do hope the immortal soul of this author will be tormented FOREVER by the outer ancient dark Elder Gods for inflicting "tongues battling for dominance" on innocent & unsuspecting mankind .. .. ..


  1. ^ comment at by Izzy (April 1, 2003)