Absurdity Theory

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Title: Absurdity Theory
Author(s): Julad
Date(s): 2005
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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Absurdity Theory is a Stargate Atlantis Zelenka/McKay story by Julad.

Author's notes: "So I started writing this for the 38 Minutes challenge on sga_flashfic. After about seventy minutes, I gave up on meeting the deadline. I tried to make it in 38 hours, but three days later I got the impression the story was laughing at me. I have, however, finished it in well under 38 days! I'm counting that as a victory."

Reactions and Reviews

Why this must be read:

Now for a change up in pairings -- just for today -- as I couldn't go a month without reccing one of Julad's stories and this is definitely my favourite. The premise makes me laugh every time, because and if there were ever two people who would make scientific lemonade out of the lemons thrown at them it would be Zelenka and McKay.

Cursed to quack and honk likes ducks? Not a problem. They'll come up with a reason why -- even if it's the most absurd thing in the universe. [1]
This is the story that sucked me into SGA fandom. With the ecstatic but sadly mistaken expectation that McKay/Zelenka was going to be everybody's number one OTP. God, I love that pairing. God, I love this fic. [2]

Best FF That Left Me Reaching for the Book on Animal Sounds in Other Languages That I Do in Fact Own. It's Like I Spent Years Preparing to Read This Story! Absurdity Theory, by julad. Stargate: Atlantis, Rodney McKay/Radek Zalenka.

So. If it quacks like a duck, but does not in fact look like a duck, what is it? In this case, two people paying a slightly higher-than-usual price for certain unkind comments. But, hey, if you know stuff, it doesn't matter that you can't talk to others; you can still entertain yourself with a Turing machine or the Theory of Universal Absurdity or lots of sex. This is why everyone needs science. (The sex. Though the entertainment is nice, too.) And everyone also needs this story, although you probably don't need it as much as I did when I first read it, because it was the perfect antidote to an unfortunate vid experience I had last week. Vidders, please: avoid the all talking heads, no action, no meaning blue-light-special vids. But if you're going to make one, for Christ's sake don't center and zoom in on those faces too far. Because you may find that dramatic, but all I see is nostrils. Gigantic, flagrant, unignorable nostrils. ("Nostrilriffic" is not a word I had previously been tempted to coin, but this vid - it needed adjectives as yet undiscovered in the English language.) And when a love song is wailing in the background but huge nostrils are flaring in the foreground, I am in an unhappy place. Or, actually, a seriously happy place and laughing myself sick, but that's probably not where the vid was supposed to take me. Worse, after I watched said vid, I couldn't read SGA without thinking mostly of nostrils, and it was inhibiting my new-fandom love. But then, fortunately, I found this story, which completely derailed the memory of hysterical nostrils via hysterical quacking, and also the honking, and also the Czech. So my love has returned. Healed by the magic of fan fiction! [3]


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