Abstract Transmissions

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Title: Abstract Transmissions
Publisher: The Cleveland Science Fiction Association
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: Science Fiction, Star Trek
Language: English
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Abstract Transmissions is a newsletter published by The Cleveland Science Fiction Association. Its focus was science fiction and it had some Star Trek content.

V.5 N.3

Abstract Transmissions v.5 n.2 was published summer of 1994 and contains 13 pages. Some contributors are Jim Tegal, Paul Faber, Kate Hathaway, and Sam Pierce.

cover of v.5 n.3
  • upcoming club activities
  • info about a newly discovered Dr. Suess book
  • info about the Bible being translated into Klingonese
  • review and information about The Adventures of Brisco County
  • "Unfinished Story..." uncredited fiction, to be continued in the next issue, appears to be an ongoing serial
  • Kate Hathaways top ten favorite fantasy novels
  • "And the Dream Flies On..." by Kate Hathaway, a long article/essay about Star Trek's vision and the wrap-up of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • book reviews of: "The Aliens of Earth," "Beggars in Spain," "Foreigner" by Cherryh, "More Than Fire" by Farmer, "Red Orc's Rage" by Farmer, "The Callahan Touch"