A Trackless Domain

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Title: A Trackless Domain
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): October 2004-2007
Medium: print, ezine
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
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A Trackless Domain is a slash series of AU novels by ChannelD with art on volumes 1-5 by Cat's Meow Creative Arts, and a cover on volume six by Antoinette Graves. There are six issues. All content summaries are from the publisher. Each is a stand-alone, but also a long story arc covers the whole series.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

A Trackless Domain 1 contains 300 pages, was published in October 2004, and has the subtitle, "An Eternal Flame. "Illya and Napoleon are both retired from the field and in executive positions in UNCLE NY. They have a pleasant, friendly routine, which is shattered when Napoleon learns some unpleasant truths about Illya's past. The confrontation that results, though soon mended, sends Illya into a downward spiral. An enforced separation, and nightmares from Illya's past, only make things worse. But love survives, and wins out."

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

A Trackless Domain 2 contains 288 pages, was published in January 2005, and has the subtitle, "The Long Shadows Cast. "Napoleon and Illya are lovers, but Illya's demons return to disrupt his life. Stubbornly denying that he may be suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, despite flash-backs and self-destructive behavior, Illya's future is uncertain. Can Napoleon's support help Illya accept the help he needs? Will love conquer all?"

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

A Trackless Domain 3 contains 260 pages, was published in April 2005, and has the subtitle, "Rain at Dawn." "Illya's recovery is underway, but Napoleon's upward career move leaves the Russian alone too often. He finds developing friendships with others, one of whom desires to woo him away from Napoleon. . Alone, and still denying Dr. Ludvic's diagnosis, Illya rediscovers his own inner strength, and his self confidence increases despite continuing difficulties."

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

A Trackless Domain 4 contains 300 pages, was published in September 2005, and has the subtitle, "A Hundred Tears Away." "The honeymoon over, Napoleon and Illya return to New York and their every day lives, both hopeful that Illya's slow, but clear recovery will continue. However, circumstances outside their control spiral, and Illya and George find they have to go to Moscow to receive a scientific prize they have won. Stubborn to the end, Illya refuses to allow Napoleon to accompany him. Jake Davenport, however, realizing how important Illya is to U.N.C.L.E., allows the young scientist to choose his own personal security agent; thus Jess Coleman accompanies the two men.

In Russia Illya functions at a professional level, but privately his demons return to haunt him, and it is only due to George and Jess's combined efforts that he survives the trip. Meanwhile, alone in New York, Napoleon spends his time worrying and waiting.

Illya's return brings fresh problems, both personal and professional, as he tries to distance himself from Napoleon, even blaming him for not accompanying them to Moscow. Also Jess's passion for Illya, and his now overt flirting, irritates and angers Napoleon, although he does his best not to let it show, knowing that his lover needs Coleman in his life. At work, Illya runs into arguments and worse with Dr. Ludvic and Jake Davenport, pushing the latter beyond his endurance.

However, beneath it all, Davenport still sees the brilliant young man, and the asset Illya is to U.N.C.L.E., and again goes out of his way to try to accommodate his needs. He finally shows his trust in Illya by inviting the couple to attend the important Thanksgiving ski weekend, held for U.N.C.L.E.'s senior executives and their partners. Not only does the invitation show Davenport's belief in Illya, it also gives formal approval of U.N.C.L.E.'s acceptance of the partners' relationship.

Despite all the traumas and pain, everything that happens in Book 4, which also includes further evidence of their acceptance, and solid support from Napoleon's family, is a step forward in Illya's continuing recovery.

And most importantly of all, the love that Napoleon and Illya share continues to grow and deepen throughout this book. It gives Illya the security he has never had but has always craved, Napoleon someone to care for and to cherish, and both of them the love of their lives."

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

A Trackless Domain 5 contains 204 pages and has the subtitle, "A Light in the Sky." "Recovering from his journey, Illya is anticipating the upcoming Christmas holidays - his first with what he considers his family - Napoleon, his brother Charles, sister Julian and Illya's new friend Sara, Napoleon's young niece. His extended "family" also includes George, and Jess. But Jess's attraction to Illya has only strengthened over time, and when he finally declares himself, at the office Christmas part (that mischievous mistletoe!) Illya doesn't shut him down cold right away - he is flattered, and pleased, and not inclined to turn away affection no matter how inappropriate the source. Napoleon, by chance observing part of this scene, is overwhelmed by jealousy and anger. A terrible scene ensues, threatening to ruin the long anticipated holiday. But Napoleon struggles with his darkness, and Illya, becoming aware for the first time of his partner's vulnerability and insecurity, is able to reach out and make amends while maintaining his right to Jess's friendship. An unexpected visit from Ukrainian government delegates results in Illya's return to the terrible old house where he grew up. As he confronts his past once more, in the company of Napoleon, George and Jess, he is very nearly overwhelmed by his illness, but he makes it through despite the continuing antagonism between Napoleon and Jess.

Napoleon and Illya's love continues to strengthen. And on more than one occasion we see that it is Napoleon who truly understands Illya and knows what he needs in order to heal. And it is Napoleon whom Illya needs and loves more than anyone. With Napoleon at his side, he can survive anything."

Issue 6

cover of issu#6

A Trackless Domain 6 was published in 2007 and contains 252 pages and has the subtitle, "Tales from the Bower." "After the first stormy passages of their relationship, I/N now move into calmer waters. Illya, freed from the demons of his past, takes up the reins of his life. He and Napoleon grow closer and closer still.

These stories look in on them from time to time - catching them watching fireworks and planning for a future when Napoleon is no longer travelling, seeing Napoleon show Illya the video of the terrible old house crashing down. They celebrate Valentine's Day with flowers and a wild tango, and join with family to observe their tenth anniversary. They share an impromptu trip to Paris, and have a passionate reunion at their beach house. They are a fixture in Napoleon's family, and spend a lovely snowbound weekend all together.

As they grow older, Illya worries about Napoleon's health and fixation on his work, and lures him away for a playful weekend at a water park, at the same time asking him to slow down and spend more time at home.

On their 25th anniversary, they are more in love than ever, and Napoleon's sweet surprise at a formal dinner paves the way for a future happier even than either had ever pictured."