A Sense of Occasion

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Title: A Sense of Occasion
Publisher: Sherri Fillingham
Type: apazine, letterzine
Date(s): 1990-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sandbaggers
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standard cover for ASOO APA

A Sense of Occasion was a Sandbaggers APA (six issues in this form, tri-folded), then newsletter (three issues in this form). [1]

Some content was later reprinted in Sandbagger Briefing Document.

Pat Nussman's trib was called "Kill a Commie for Neil." [2]

APA, Then Letterzine

From a 1991 ad in The Neutral Arbiter #1 "A SENSE OF OCCASION: Are you familiar with the Burnside Glare, the Caine Mumble, the Ross Slouch? If so, it's time you're tasked for an in-depth briefing on The Sandbaggers. Join the Director of Operations (Pat Nussman) and Sandbagger One (Sherri Fillingham) for this new quarterly letterzine (background: ASOO was formerly an APA). We're scheduled to be on our bikes August, 1991 and early recruits will get a special $8.00 subscription until July 1 ... just think, you can eat at Charing Cross McDonalds and get a coffee or a Coke! Letters for the first briefing due July 1. Checks and letters to Sherri Fillingham, P.O. Box 686, Washington Grove, MD."

From a 1992 ad in Zine Scene: "A quarterly letterzine dedicated to the discussion of the Burnside glare, the Caine mumble and the Ross slouch, plus many other matters of vital importance to the Western World. Join in the discussion, or just enjoy reading this lively zine."

Issue 1

A Sense of Occasion 1 was published in 1990 as an APA.

Issue 2

A Sense of Occasion 2 was an APA.

Issue 3

A Sense of Occasion 3 was a letterzine. Perhaps published in late 1991?

Issue 4

A Sense of Occasion 4 was published in May 1992 and contains 20 pages.

Issue 5

A Sense of Occasion 5 was published in August 1992 and contains 25 pages.

Issue 6

A Sense of Occasion 6 was published in November 1992 and contains 26 pages.

Issue 7

A Sense of Occasion 7 was published in 1993.

Issue 8

A Sense of Occasion 8 was published in 1993.

Issue 9

A Sense of Occasion 9 was published in 1993.


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