A Safe Harbor

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: A Safe Harbor
Author(s): Bluewolf
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
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A Safe Harbor is a Jim/Blair story by Bluewolf.

Reactions and Reviews

This story in a well written alternate universe, explores the sentinel/guide relationship in a new watery world. The characters use great personal resourcefulness to overcome hardship and work well together. I love how real this world feels and how the characters have chances to grow.

Summary from Authors note:

"This is an AU set a considerable time in the future. Rapidly rising sea levels have altered the coastline during that period, drowning or half drowning coastal towns and creating islands where none exist today. Civilization has collapsed. A Government anxious to maintain power by finding a scapegoat looked to minority groups to blame for their problems..." [1]
A hundred years after a computer virus takes down all of civilization, Sentinels have somehow managed to become blamed for the whole mess and are no longer allowed to live on land. Jim, equipped with a good ship but an ever-decreasing number of ports willing to sell him supplies, lands on an island to weather out a storm. You'll never guess who turns out to live there. I'm not a huge fan of apocalypse fic or of sentinel/guide!reviled fic, so the fact that I was able to read this story the whole way through is a good sign. It is well-written, the reviling isn't unbearable (mainly because Jim doesn't see many folks before hooking up with Blair), and nearly every significant Sentinel character appears or is referenced. If you like apoca!fic and/or a good adventure, you should give this one a try. I just can't see myself rereading it (and thus can't rec it).[2]


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