A Room Full of Your Posters

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Title: A Room Full of Your Posters
Author(s): Krombopulos_Will
Date(s): January 20 2020 - April 13 2019
Length: 17,029 words (13 chapters)
Genre: Gen
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
External Links: On Archive of Our Own

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A Room Full of Your Posters is a Boku no Hero Academia fanfiction by Krombopulos_Will. It is a darkfic with an unhappy ending and an example of the popular villain!Deku trope. There are no ships.

The fic is tagged with non-romantic relationships between Midoriya and All Might, as well as Midoriya and his mother. It takes Midoriya's traits of never giving up and admiring All Might and turns them into flaws. Midoriya believes throughout the fic that he can only become a hero if he gets a conversation with All Might validating his desires, and he slowly becomes a stalker in order to obtain this.

The title is a reference to the song Stan by Eminem.


Villain!Midoriya. The slime villain didn't attack. Bakugou never needed rescuing. No wondrous event proved he deserved All Might's Quirk. He was still desperate to know whether a Quirkless boy could become a hero.

If only there were some way to get All Might's attention...

Fan Comments


Probably one of the most realistic villains dekus I've read. A severely mentally ill kid who never got help and lashed out accidentally. Really sad here I actually have a pit in my stomach. The ending is what made this story. 5/5 stars. [Rest of review removed for a specific question that may count as a spoiler]


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this has killed me, im done, my brain has taken a break in other words i love it but holy treaty of our of our saviour god almighty did this destroy me. izu having a slow but noticable fall from grace OH yeeeeee, love it, and also kinda sad to see it go

goodbye a room full of your posters, i miss you ]