A Proposed Model of the Vulcan Heart

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Title: A Proposed Model of the Vulcan Heart
Creator: Sandy Deckinger
Date(s): September 1967
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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A Proposed Model of the Vulcan Heart by Sandy Deckinger is a 3-page article, one of the first in media fandom that speculated on Vulcan physiology.

It was printed in Spockanalia #1. The diagram, with an added preface but no article, was reprinted in Spockanalia #3.

For a similar topic, see Vulcan Genitalia.

An Excerpt

(Part of a seminar report on e-t biology given at the Federated Planets Academy on 21-19-2158, by Lieutenant Sandra Deckinger, R.N.)

I would like to propose a six-chambered model for the Vulcan heart. Please refer to your diagram slides as I explain this model of the circulatory pattern and give my reasons for its unusual features, As in the human, unoxygonated blood enters the heart from the superior and inferior vena cavae into the right atrium. From the atrium, the blood passes into tho right ventricle. Both the atrium and the ventricle are much larger than in the human, because they must be more muscular to handle a greater blood volume.

From the ventricle, the blood goes via two pulmonary arteries to the lungs. The lungs are much larger than ours, and can take on more oxygen. They have greater expansion than human lungs, because the respiratory muscles are larger as an adaption to the heavier gravity. More oxygen is taken into the body because the greater lung expansion leads to greater negative pressure in the lungs, and this in turn increases the amount of oxygen pulled into tho body.