A Point of Law

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: A Point of Law
Author(s): Ray Newton
Date(s): 1982
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A Point of Law is a Kirk/Spock story by Ray Newton.

It was published in the print zine Cheap Thrills #3.


"Spock goes into pon farr while he and Kirk are negotiating with a new planet, where, unaware of their status as bondmates, he is arrested for Kirkʼs rape when a native doctor goes to their room instead of McCoy to aid Kirk."

Reactions and Reviews


Ray Newton's thoughtful plot in 'A Point of Law' demonstrates that the relationship can endanger a mission just by its existence. I found the absence of the 'Woman's Own' approach to K/S refreshing. However, the plot is somewhat contrived, depending partly on a crucial blow, which knocks out McCoy at the wrong moment and on the curious physiology of the Halduran people. I can't help feeling, too, that the Halduran society is a little artificial and that the author's view of sexual/marital infidelity is somewhat intrusive. [1]


Kirk and company had come to Haldure to survey its solar system when they intervened to save the crew of the planet‘s first manned space probe. Since space flight was independently achieved, the Prime Directive no longer applied. (Good thing, since Kirk has certainly had his problems with this in the past!) Basically humanoid, the Haldurans prove to be gentle law-abiding people and very receptive to contact with other space-faring races.

While diplomatic talks are taking place, Spock goes into pon farr. This isn‘t a problem for Kirk. They‘ve been bonded for a while, known this was coming, and have already experienced a pon farr together, but Vulcans being so secretive about the process, Spock doesn‘t want to go back to the ship. Again, this really isn‘t a problem; McCoy knows and will be on hand when they need him.

Kirk and Spock arrange for private quarters, and McCoy grants them medical leave. Because the discussions are still in an early stage and no one knows how the Haldurans will react to homosexuality, the Council members are fed some convincing medical lies. All proceeds on schedule.

McCoy, being McCoy, worries about them, but doesn‘t dare interfere for risk of setting Spock off into a jealous rage. Finally the call he‘s been waiting for comes: ―Bones, I need you.‖ Pon farr is over. McCoy drops everything and runs. Dr. Rossen, the Halduran physician with whom McCoy has been working hears the call and is understandably concerned, but McCoy assures him he will handle it. While hurrying down the hall, McCoy fails to notice a loose tile, slips and knocks himself out on a metal handrail. Rossen rushes to Kirk‘s side only to find the captain an apparent victim of sexual abuse by the Vulcan lying on top of him. Both men are sedated; Kirk is taken to the hospital and Spock is hauled off to prison.

Days later Spock undergoes trial on a charge of rape, but McCoy and a recovered Kirk are relieved to know that Spock will be permitted to leave and rejoin the crew when the Enterprise departs. (The author manages this very plausibly, maintaining the tension throughout.)

Only one small detail is left out. Spock will gain his freedom when his sentence is carried out. The sentence for rape is castration.[2]


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