A Little Past, A Little Future

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Title: A Little Past, A Little Future
Editor(s): Ruth Kurz
Date(s): undated, in the 1980s
Medium: print
Fandom: Harry and Johnny
Language: English
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A Little Past, A Little Future is a slash Harry and Johnny 35-page anthology.

front cover

The art is by Ruth Kurz. The editing and additions are by JL, PS, and Ruth Kurz, proofing by MW, printing by DMc, and tech advice by AW.

  • Ringed With Azure by Eileen Roy (1)
  • Misfire by Roberta Rogow (Harry & Johnny go to the opera because Reva Walsh (original character/self-insert from an earlier Rogow H/J story) sends them tickets. It is also a case-story which requires another cop (fan-casted) who is homophobic to "go undercover gay." Explicit.) (6)
  • Both Sides now, poem by Jean Chabot (26)
  • Every Dream of Love, poem by Jean Chabot (26)
  • Reassurance, poem by Jackie Wagner (27)
  • Stray by Jean C. (29)
  • Superbowl by Ruth Kurz (32)
  • Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?, poem by Pat Massie (34)
  • The Heart of a Man, poem by Jackie Wagner (35)