A Job for the Young

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: A Job for the Young
Author(s): unknown
Date(s): posted to Nifty Archive July 11, 1993
Length: 29K
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
External Links: online here at alt.sex.fetish.startrek
Nifty Archives

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A Job for the Young may be the first K/S fic posted online.

Possibly second K/S fic posted online is “Trompe L'Oeil” by Susan Legge and third is “Turning Point” by Killashandra.

About "A Job for the Young"

What was the first Kirk/Spock fiction to be published online? Like the quest for the source of the Mississippi, there are a couple different possible answers depending upon one’s view. Your humble Internet associate editor would vote for 'A Job for the Young,' which was chronologically first. On January 24, 1995, a member [1] of the Usenet newsgroup alt.sex.fetish.startrek announced that she had found a Kirk/Spock story—the first she had ever seen—somewhere in the public access files of a server, but couldn’t remember the details of where, or who the author was. With apologies for not being able to give proper credit, she copied it and sent it out to the group, which up until then had been largely focused on The Next Generation... Although a bit roughly put together, it is fairly classic K/S with Kirk saving Spock from pon farr, Spock saving Kirk from other perils, an intense sex scene, and an up-beat ending. It is still available to read in the same way it met the public eye in early 1995 at this link at Adult.Sex.Fetish.Startrek. But questions as to its origin, as well as the intentions of the author in leaving it uploaded but (apparently) unannounced, muddy the waters and discount it in some people’s opinions.[2]

Online Thread

alt.sex.fetish.startrek -- A Job For the Young (TOS; Kirk/Spock).


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