A GW Love Affair

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Name: A GW Love Affair
Date(s): opened May 2001, last updated 2003
Archivist: Fall Yuy & Archangel Barton
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Gundam Wing
URL: Geocities; partly on Wayback, Archived version
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A GW Love Affair is "A Heero +/x Trowa Shrine" - a Gundam Wing archive and fan page for Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton.

"Now, many people asked "Why 'A GW Love Affair'?" It's this: we spent most of our free time thinking of what we would name the site. We wanted something that could express our opinion of the pairing. Something that expresses how serious, how intense, how striking this pairing is. Hence, Love Affair. We only added the first two words so that people would know this is a GW site."

It is being documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.


Stories are archived under:

  • 1+3[1] (27 stories)
  • 1x3 (23)
  • 3+1 (9)
  • 3x1 (15)

with some overlap of stories in more than one category. Stories are also archived by author.

Fanfiction Guide

This contained a glossary of terms specific to Gundam Wing, such as the character number code (including "20" for Silvia Noventa), as well as more widely used terminology such as lemon, and +/x.

Submission Rules

The Rules:[2]

1. Any aspect of the pairing (either + , x), as long as the pair is Heero and Trowa.

  • That is to say that lemon, lime, and shounen-ai are accepted.
  • Please, NO twisted fanfics. We really hate reading Trowa murdering Heero, vice-versa, or something really psychotic. If there *has* to be death in your fic, it's really okay, as long as don't portray either Heero, Trowa, and the other gundam pilots as psycho killers, going on a killing spree, or just plain murdering each other. They are not like that, and we prefer to think of them that way.

2. Any mixing of the pairings can be, as long as the fic centers on Heero and Trowa.

  • The fic can start with Heero and Trowa paired up with anyone besides themselves, and end up with the same partners, as long as the fic is *fixed* on them in a *romantic sphere* or something. Example, [1] It's Duo and Heero, and later, Heero and Trowa. [2] It can be Heero and Trowa, then ends with Trowa and Quatre. Any arrangement is fine, just keep in mind that the HeeroxTrowa pairing *must* be prioritized in the fic, okay?

3. Strictly no un-Heero/Trowa characteristics.

  • Literally means, NO OOCs (Out of Character). You can place a bit or more than that, just don't go to extremes and give us a fic where Trowa's tear ducts flow waterfalls *whenever* Heero touches him, or Heero goes totally sinister in *raping & beating* Trowa. Got the picture? We really detest them, so we can't allow anything like that to be posted here. Besides, we really hate reading fics that totally *ruins* their characters. But if in any case, the fic *definitely* has to be written with the said detested things, and it actually brings them *closer*, well, we can make some exceptions.
  • What about suicidal intentions? That depends on the story itself. If they commit it just to escape unwanted emotions...well...it will depend on whether we liked the story or not. Though Heero Yuy *is* widely known as suicidal.



The Evidence section housed explanations and discussions in support of the pairing, including submissions from readers. It took on such questions as:[3]

  1. The who was Trowa's first lover dilemma...Heero or Quatre?
  2. The what was Trowa's motives for saving Heero? (When Heero self-destructed)
  3. The "why did Trowa save Heero from Quatre's cannon fire?" question.
  4. The 'how come Trowa remembered Heero last (but the only memory that lingered for a few seconds) when he regained his memory' question?
  5. The who had had more value in Trowa's memory...Quatre or Heero?
  6. The Trowa's first laugh claim
  7. The "dying hurts like hell" statement
  8. The "you should follow your emotions" advice
  9. The "if you run out of ammunitions, press the left button..." advice
  10. The how come Heero never searched for Trowa after the tragedy?
  11. The is it pure coincidence or just nothing that Sally Po handed Heero gundam Heavyarms, with Trowa still missing?

Other Features

The site hosted a few scans of doujinshi, lent by Babaca and DaMoyre. It also seems at one time to have archived fanart and had a forum.



  1. In Gundam Wing fandom, 1 is Heero Yuy, 3 is Trowa Barton, + is for a non-sexually explicit story and x is for sex. The name order indicates who tops.
  2. GWLA Rules (accessed 7 October 2009)
  3. GWLA Evidence page (accessed 7 October 2009)