A Diamond Sky Above Titanic

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Title: A Diamond Sky Above Titanic
Author(s): SeaBlueEyes
Date(s): 2011
Length: 58,495 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Good Omens
External Links: A Diamond Sky Above Titanic (AO3)

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A Diamond Sky Above Titanic is a notable Good Omens slash story by SeaBlueEyes, written prior to the advent of the "Good Omens fandom renaissance" (i.e., renewed interest resulting from the 2019 television miniseries). It remains a popular rec as shown by AO3 bookmarks to this day.

Author's Notes

The year is 1912, and one angel and one demon's lives are about to change forever as they embark on the fateful maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic - and a relationship utterly forbidden by both Heaven and Hell.

Rating and warnings for Chapter 13, the rest being far more mild. Some slight amendments to the 2011 FanFiction version, nothing major.

Once again, I apologise to the fandom for reading a comedy and writing a tragedy.

Reactions and Reviews

this is one of the old stories that i love with all my heart! it was recommended to me like a year ago... and it’s one of the stories that stays with you after you read it, it’s beautiful and emotional and very well written.[1]
titanic au (i know it sounds weird, but give it a chance). only tackle this one if you’re feeling brave, because it will rip your heart out and nail it to a wall. also there’s a graphic scene towards the end that some people might find upsetting, but the author warns for it beforehand, so you can skip it if you need to![2]
i just finished reading a diamond sky above titanic, a fic by seablueeyes in which crowley and aziraphale are on the maiden voyage of the titanic, and while it was nothing short of beautiful, and incredibly well written, it ended on a note that was rather open. there was not the clear knowledge, the certainty of the two of them making it out alive and safe and well and together. there was the hope, yes absolutely, and the thought of “we did it once, we can do it again”, but there was this…open uncertainty to it. it left me feeling entirely too empty and honestly, with a bit of hopelessness settling into myself. and i realised, with these two, with crowley and aziraphale, i need this certainty. this assurance. this unwavering knowledge that, yes, they make it. that at the end of it, neither Heaven nor Hell has a chance on their love, their choice, their side. i need this steadfast hope that they win. that after the world does not end, they are still standing, side by side, hand in hand, together, on their side. that they are left to their own devices. that adam releases them from their ties to Heaven and Hell. i need the clear and undeniable fact of the south downs. their story has always been one about hope and love and choice and building something of one‘s own, a side of their own. and i need that confidence, that conviction. i need the inevitability of them, together, always together, and always making it, clearly, openly, certainly.[3]
Friendly reminder that A Diamond Sky Above Titanic breaks your heart and if (years after reading it) you suddenly remember it in the middle of work, it will kill your productivity for the day.[4]
Wonderfully written and a really good read. However, there is a warning in a later chapter with a sensitive theme. I would still recommend it if your okay with it.[5]

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