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In the Stargate universe, ATA is an abbreviation for Ancient Technology Activation; the ATA gene allows holders to activate, manipulate and control technology built by the Ancients.[1]

In SG-1 Fic

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In SGA Fic

Because John Sheppard has a very strong expression of the gene, a lot of fic has the scientists calling on him to come and activate Ancient technology (sometimes this is referred to as "light switch duty," and Sheppard may be called a "human light switch"[2]) This was especially common in early John/Rodney fics, where authors needed more of a pretext to have the two interact. In later seasons, they are shown to be close friends as well as being on the same team, and thus the use of John's gene as a plot device has become less common. One genre of SGA fic posits that Sheppard's ATA gene is sufficiently "special" to make him closer to an Ancient than other carriers, or he is revealed to be a hidden or reincarnated Ancient.[3]

Sheppard's strong gene has also led to a trope wherein Atlantis is sentient, and considers John her "favorite son."[4] This topic can be treated lightly[5] or taken in much darker directions.[6]

In SGA/Harry Potter Crossover Fic

In this genre of crossover fiction, Potterverse witches and wizards are often depicted as possessing the ATA gene, or SGA characters are written as witches or wizards (for example, John Sheppard in Rokeon's Different Kinds of Magic[7]). The 'messy hair' of James and Harry Potter is sometimes taken to refer to a familial connection with John Sheppard. A classic crossover fic is Isis's Clarke's Law.[8]


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