ANI: A Parody

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Plays and Skits
Title: ANI: A Parody
Author: StarKid Productions
Dates: July–August & October 2014
Location: Chicago, IL
Type: musical theater
Focus: Star Wars
URL: YouTube link
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ANI: A Parody is a Star Wars parody musical by StarKid Productions. It was written by Nick Lang and Matt Lang; music and lyrics by Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers.[1] It was performed between July 3–August 10, 2014, at Stage 773 in Chicago, IL, and was released to YouTube on October 31, 2014.[2]

Ani Skywalker is in the dumps. His wife is dead. He's stuck in a bogus government he hates. He spends most of his time staring out into space, thinking about the good old days. But things are about to change for Ani as he sets off for adventure in the galaxy's biggest come-back...[3]

ANI runs 122 minutes in one YouTube video and features eight original songs. It is noticeably different from other Starkid shows in that the songs are not performed by the actors but rather by the band. It is possibly the least popular of Starkid's musicals.


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