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Journal Community
Name: Seven Spells (7spells)
Date(s): February 2006 – present
Moderator: polkadotsquared
Founder: shored
Type: Fanfiction challenge
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: 7spells at LiveJournal
Seven Spells.jpg

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Seven Spells (7spells) is a Harry Potter fanfiction challenge community on LiveJournal.


Welcome to 7spells, a friendly, low-pressure community for Harry Potter writers to develop their writing skills. This community was developed along the lines of the multitude of fanfic challenge communities out there, like fanfic100 and 30_kisses, only with one major difference: there are only seven prompts.

The reasons behind this are simple. Think of this as a community that allows you to get to know a character or pairing that you don't normally write, that interests you but you haven't fully explored the nuances of yet. Get out of your comfort zone! You may end up finding out that you have a secret passion for Ron/Millicent, or Theodore Nott's psyche is a deliciously twisted place. And if you don't like it, well, you only have to write seven fics.

So get out there and challenge yourself! This is fun! Really.

HP fanartists, be sure to check out our sister community 7hexes for the equivalent only with fanart[1]


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