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Journal Community
Name: 4_d_luv_of_fuji
Date(s): 2005-2012
Moderator: aoi_aka, checkerzelda, shinigami_yumi
Founder: aoi_aka
Type: Character
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
URL: https://4-d-luv-of-fuji.livejournal.com/

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4_d_luv_of_fuji was a LiveJournal community dedicated to Fuji Syusuke from Prince of Tennis. There were 365 entries and 211 comments made in the community between 2005 and 2012.

This is the place for every Fuji fan to... well, just fangirl (or fanboy, I guess). All Fuji pairings are welcome. Avid fangirling is welcome. Fuji love is very welcome. Join us in prayers for Fuji. TezuFuji is preferred by the High Priestess. Please feel free to join as brothers and sisters in [wor]shipping Fuji Syuusuke. Anyone profaning the name of Fuji-sama (or excessively profaning anything at all) shall have to be banned. Please, for the love of Fuji-sama, no crappy grammar and spelling or messed up capitalizations. Of course, being a community that centres on the elder Fuji, the younger will have to be included. However, please be reminded that the cathedral is, after all, for Syuusuke-sama. Now, of Fuji-sama we partake and proceed to continue worshipping the wonder and beauty that is Fuji-sama himself and the Prince of Tennis...