221B Baker Street

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Title: 221B Baker Street
Publisher: Empty House Press
Date(s): May 1993 to May 1996, four issues
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Language: English
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221B Baker Street is a gen anthology fanzine named after the London residence of Sherlock Holmes. Its subtitle is "The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson."

front cover of issue #1
back cover of issue #1

From Media Monitor: "A fanzine focused on the friendship, loyalty and psychology of the legendary partnership of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Stories reflect the adventure, drama, humor, and complex friendship portrayed in the Granada series and the original literary accounts."

Issue 1

221B Baker Street 1 Its subtitle is, "The Return." It was published in May 1993 and contains 246 pages. Its contributors: Gina Martin, D.C. Black, Bonnie Bills, Maura Kelly, Lynne Stephens, Lesley Skoyles, Pat Gonzales, Dee Dee Spencer

  • Watson's Beginning (1)
  • Genesis (4)
  • Speckled Band Aftermath by Gina Martin (6)
  • Greek Interpreter Aftermath (8)
  • The Pleasure of Your Company by Jeanann Williams (12)
  • Dying Detective Epilogue (19)
  • Nightfall by Gina Martin (24)
  • Present Fears by Jeanann Williams (35)
  • Watson's Return by Gina Martin (55)
  • Night Visitor by Lynne Stephens (57)
  • Holmes Returns to London (71)
  • House United by Peggy Hartsook (77)
  • Baker Street Revisited (85)
  • Reunion by Gina Martin (89)
  • Reflections at 221B: Watson (93)
  • Reflections at 221B: Holmes (101)
  • Just What the Doctor Ordered by Maura Kelly (106)
  • Breakdown (112)
  • Icarus Descending (115)
  • Radix Pedis Diablis Fini (131)
  • The Singular Incident of the Singing Detective (164)
  • Three Garridebs Aftermath (184)
  • Illustrious Client Epilogue by Gina Martin (192)
  • The Death Wish of Culverton Smith by Gina Martin and Maura Kelly (194) (reprinted from Safehouse #1)
  • The Mycroft Empty Agency by Gina Martin (222)
  • The Final Sting by Lynne Stephens (232)
  • Reflections, poem (247)

Issue 2

221B Baker Street 2 contains 247 pages.

Issue 3

221B Baker Street 3 contains 162 pages.

Issue 4

221B Baker Street 4 was published in May 1996 and contains 124 pages. It was dedicated to the memory of Jeremy Brett.

cover of issue #4
  • Progress by Mel Hughes (6)
  • Conspiracy by G. Martin (3)
  • What Others Think by Peggy Hartsook (3)
  • Ghosts by G. Martin (5)
  • The Missing Half by Rosemary Michaud (17)
  • The Strange Adventure of Madeleine Stonelake (19)
  • The Devotion and Courage of Murray (10)
  • The Price of Revenge by Maura Kelly (13)
  • The Tale Best left Untold by Brad Keefauver (7)
  • Reprisals by Peggy Hartsook and G. Martin (21)
  • The Invitation by Jeananne Williams (6)
  • Shadows From India by G. Martin (5)
  • A Case of Mistaken Identity by Lynne Stephens (3)

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