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Journal Community
Name: 1sentence
Date(s): 2006-2011
Moderator: babel (fan)
Founder: ?
Type: Fanfic challenge
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: https://1character.livejournal.com/

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1character was a multifandom LiveJournal community for ficlets of one sentence. It was based on 1sentence, but with claims made for a character instead of a pairing.


.03 Each member may only claim up to two characters at a time. But only individual characters, no pairings. You may include romance in your sentences, but the focus should be on your claim.

.04 Each character may only be claimed by one person at a time. That means that if someone already claimed Cloud, you cannot claim it until he/she finishes all 50 themes.

.05 There must be one sentence for each theme; no combining themes.

.06 You can only post your sentences once you have completed all 50 themes.

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