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Event: fandom and feminist awareness project
Participants: 14valentines
Date(s): 2006 - present
Type: two week event
Fandom: multi
URL: on LJ on DW
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14 Valentines is a project, focused on fandom as a community of women, which intends to raise awareness of a variety of women's causes and groups by soliciting feminist essays and fannish works related to these issues. It was founded by Rageprufrock in 2006 and is now moderated by bunnymcfoo aka bunners.

14 Valentines runs for two weeks - 14 days - in the first half of February, ending on Valentine's Day. (The project was partly inspired by the Vagina Monologues and the V-day foundation.) Participants contribute works to be published over that two week period. (Note that 2011 is the last year where the community will link to works starring male characters. The community wants to encourage more writing about women.)

The 14 themes for 2011 14 V include: Body Image, Transgender Issues, Health, Reproductive Rights and Motherhood, Sexuality, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Political Action, Athletics, Women of Color, Economics and Poverty, Women's Work, Education, and Arts & Entertainment.

FAQ on 14 Valentines.

Notable fanworks produced for 14 V