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Name: Thirteen Reasons Why
Abbreviation(s): 13RW, 13 Reasons Why
Creator: Jay Asher
Date(s): 2007 (Book), 2017–2020 (TV series)
Medium: Book and TV series
Country of Origin: U.S.
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Thirteen Reasons Why is a 2007 YA novel and 2017–2020 television series adaptation.


This story revolves around Hannah Baker who recently committed suicide and the cassette tapes that she left for the people that influenced her to do so. Each side of a tape explains which person is involved with the corresponding reason of her suicide and how it influenced her.

In 2017, a Netflix original series was adapted from the book. The first season consists of 13 episodes corresponding with the sides of each tape. The series was renewed for three additional seasons, which focus on how the aftermath of Hannah's death impacts the surrounding characters.


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The TV show adaption of Thirteen Reasons Why faced a lot of backlash on Tumblr and in mainstream media for its irresponsible portrayal of suicide and suicide ideation. There was an uptick in suicide searches on the web that directly correlated to the show. [1] While many people agreed that the show did a poor job of portraying suicide, others praised it for showing an unflinching view of teenage mental illness.

When the show was renewed, many people thought that the original backlash against the show fueled the decision to continue it, while other, more diverse shows such as The Get Down and Sense8 were cancelled because they didn't get the same kind of attention.


Hannah essentially blames others for her death, when in reality suicide is a choice made by those who commit it. Yes, things such as bullying and sexual assault can be a main factor in suicidal ideation and mental illness, but the decision to commit suicide is solely in the hands of the individual. [2]

Don’t watch it. Do not watch this fucked up mess of a show. Listen, I’ve been working in suicide prevention for almost six years, and I grew up in an area that had epidemics of teen suicides. The area is actually so well known that the show-writers and producers met with leading experts in the area on the ways that the media contributes to youth suicides - and then did almost everything they were warned not to do, even going so far as to actually show the suicide on-screen. Many of the experts that they’ve spoken with are expressing grave disappointment with how the show proceeded despite their advice. [3]

While i can awknowledge that yes , the series does indeed bring the topics of suicide, mental health, bullying, rape, and sexism to light , these are all pushed into a noise reducing bubble … bare with me.

The whole series based around suicide and what drove hannah to commit the act , but is it really touched on until the last episode ? Because all i have seen is a personal vendetta against the other main characters , rather than a decent portrayal of someone struggling with their mental health . Hannah comes off as a condescending manipulative teen that is seeking attention and her only desire from suicide is that everyone who made her life shitty will feel guilty once she is gone all because she is blackmailing them from the grave with the tapes.[4]

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