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Mailing List
Name: -Buffy
Date(s): 5 January 1998 - 21 October 2019
Moderated: Yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: marksplace2009uk
Type: Discussion, news
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Scope: General news
URL: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/-Buffy-/ [Dead link]
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-Buffy was a Yahoo group.

It began in 1998 and was most active from 1999-2003, declining rapidly after the show ended. The peak month for activity was October 2001 with 2,771 messages. As of 2019, 2,179 people were still subscribed to the group.

As of 2019, it still had 2,178 members. Its first messages involved access to Buffy on Australian TV and its final one was on 10 March 2016 with a news item about Sarah Michelle Gellar paying tribute to the show on its 20th anniversary.

While fanfiction was allowed on the list the majority of posts had to do with discussion of the series, access to the series, discussion of news stories on the show and behind the scenes info such as actor appearances elsewhere.

message history


With Buffy The Vampire Slayer gone, only remaining in reruns, Fan Fic, comics, etc., only Angel will remain with new episodes. It is my feeling, as well as with others, the list may grow stale and slow down after a short while. However in keeping with the Buffy List's original mission statement the list we will remain with the original subject matter.

The new topics allowed will be anything (tv, Books, and Movies) related to Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Suspense. Programs such as drama _will_ _not_ be allowed, even when writers move to a drama show/program. The only instance discussion of a drama or other non mentioned item, such as Medical, Cop, Comedy, will be when one of the Scooby’s plays a heavy role in it. Such as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Scooby Doo Too or Alyson Hannigan’s American Wedding, but not Jane’s writing role on Gilmore Girls.

The list will need to remain with the original Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Suspense aspect. Please respect this new aspect to the list. Oh new subscribers will have their initial postings reviewed before they are sent to the list (You bcan thank Drive By Spammers for that). Other rules will all remain the same:

Not Allowed:

  • spam in all forms
  • Un-related Surveys & polls
  • List Invitations & Newsletters (related and unrelated)
  • adult material
  • Chain Mail
  • insults and Flames
  • Criticism of other's life-choices/facts
  • Off Topic posts


  • Discussions
  • related survey's and polls
  • Web-Page invites when topically related (non fee or list based)
  • Fan Fiction
  • Pictures - Topic Related (non adult rated)
  • List Attachment, pictures only - Max size 150K

Sample Posts

Oct 1 2001

| Hi. Somewhat long-time reader of the list, first time-emailer. | Thought I'd just e-mail you first and then you could e-mail | the list with updated info. | | Amazon appears to have S1 available for $50.99. | dvdplanet.com appears to have S1 available for $27.99. | They LOOK to be the same thing. | | I wonder what's up with that ...

It's On Topic, you didn't need to off-list this note to me; I was teasing about the SPAM .... it's only SPAM if you directly or indirectly make money off something. (like "come look at my new site, I'm selling/my friends selling..." not "you can find the cheapest here, www.ElCheapoBastardo.com") But thanks for the consideration, I appreciate it.  :-)

I knew Amazon had higher prices ever since the Dot.Com collapse and they started to try and earn money (The Nerve!) But that is a large discrepancy.

Frankly the specs for the American version have not bee released yet so that would explain some minor discrepancies in the Disk info (like Planet: Closed Caption: No but Amazon says yes; BTW it'd be illegal to ship the DVD with no captions when the show had them. FOX could eat the fine which is more than the actual captioning, but it'd be a PR Hellmouth. However not everyone has even prelisted it for order yet. DVDEmpire doesn't have it, Buy.com doesn't, the only ones that do thus far are: DVD Planet, $27.99; Digital Eyes, $43.97; and Amazon; $50.99 . Frankly I'd wait until late November, early December until everyone has it. Then you don't get the mailings that say, "Oh we're sorry, our pre order price was $1,666,666 less than it should be. We've made the correction to your credit card. Thank You for your Business Sucker, I mean Sir."

TTFN Moderator of a "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" List

Oct 1 2001

about the S1 dvds, I AM SO EXCITED! i mean *finally*!! ok, anyway, on to my question, after s1 comes, how long do yal think it will be till the rest of the seasons come out too? i mean, i always try to have a VERY NEAT tape collection, but it JUST doesn't work for me! lol... like i'm trying to tape all the eppys of s1 from FX, but first of all, those eps are edited so not *everything* is on there, two, i'm really careless and i live with my family so things usually get cut off or stopped so it really really sucks... now that yal know those lil bits of info that u really didn't need to know, i'm hoping somebody will answer my question (and hopefully it will be a happy YES!)