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Name: Åcon
Dates: 2007-present
Frequency: annual
Location: Marienhamn, Åland (Finland)
Type: Fan-run relaxacon with professional and fan guests
Focus: science fiction, fantasy
Founding Date: 2007
URL: http://acon6.wordpress.com/
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Åcon began in part as a relaxacon for Finnish SMOFdom — a respite from the anime hordes that overwhelmed Finncon — and has slowly developed into a fine little literary convention for Finns and Swedes. Because of the bilingual nature of the membership, all programming is in the language that they have in common: English. [1]

Past guests of honour have included Hal Duncan, Ian McDonald, Steph Swainston, Geoff Ryman, Cat Valente, and Tricia Sullivan.


  1. Cheryl Morgan