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Name(s): Victoria Bitter (aka VB, Amy Player, Jordan Wood, Mr Frodo, Voyagerbabe)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings, Due South, Star Trek: Voyager, Horatio Hornblower
URL: Lord of the Rings fan fic and art, archived link; Due South, Horatio Hornblower and Star Trek Voyager fan fic and art, archived; Fandom Wank on VB
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Victoria Bitter was a notorious sockpuppet. (The fan identifies as male, though the VB sockpuppet was a female identity, see talk page.) She initially contributed to The Lord of the Rings RPF fandom with well-received fic, but then with her partner OrangeBlossom created numerous sockpuppets. She claimed to be channeling Elijah Wood's spirit, and that JRR Tolkien's writing was based on historical fact, and that she was receiving Meriadoc Brandybuck's memories in a dream.

She and OrangeBlossom defrauded the convention and their attendees by taking money for products and services they never meant to deliver, ruining the con in the process. Turimel, another member of, wrote a book about her experiences with VB, When A Fan Hits The Shit: The Rise And Fall Of A Phony Charity.[1]

Victoria Bitter later faked her own suicide repeatedly.

In December 2009 the HP fanfic writer and fanartist Andrew Blake (LJ/DA username thanfiction) was identified as VB (through his Twitter according to the FW wiki[2]). He tried to raise donations, supposedly for a convention in DC. See also Thanfiction.

Prior to her entry into LOTR fandom, she wrote Due South and Star Trek Voyager fan fiction and made fan art under the name of Voyagerbabe.


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