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Name: Lavvyan
Type: fanfiction and meta writer, comm moderator
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Hewligan, Sherlock Holmes, Merlin,
Communities: SGA Genrefinders, merlin_finders, atlantis_vids, concrit_my_fic, harlequin_sga, holmestice, holmeswatson09, greenhouse_au, jaffa_for_hire shared universe, john_farr shared universe, sherlock_flashfic
URL: lavvyan's Livejournal, lavvyan's Dreamwidth, lavvyan's stories at Wraithbait archive, lavvyan's stories at AO3
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Lavvyan is a prolific and popular writer of fanfic[1] in a wide range of genres. Many of her stories have a quirkily humorous slant.

She (co-)moderates several communities[2], was team captain for Team War for the 2009 McShep Match, and also writes meta.

Lavvyan has made a blanket statement regarding further transformation and concrit of her work.[3] [4] Several of her stories have been podficced.[5]

Stargate Atlantis

Between 2006 and 2008 Lavvyan was most active in Stargate Atlantis fandom where she was a prolific writer and inspired other authors to build on her ideas, be it robot!John or Goa'uld!Rodney.

Winner 'Best New Author' 2007 in the McShep Awards

Her fiction was nominated for several awards. Once Bitten was a Runner-Up in the Hewligan category of the McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards 2006, High Stakes placed Puddlejumper Award (third place) in the "Crossover" category of the McShep Awards 2007 and The Spaces Inside was a Runner-Up in the "Kink" category the same year. 2007 was also the year where she won the "Best New Author" category.

In the 2008 McShep Awards, Knievel the Mighty and the Eye of the Gods and Dearest won her more Puddlejumper Awards for "Crack" and "Drama" respectively. Blink was Runner-Up in the "Dark" category, while Three Ways Brendan and Emmett Didn't Meet & One Way They Did won the "Hewligan" category, and Logopetria the "pre-slash" category.

Some of her stories include:

Blink, Runner-Up in the category 'Dark' in the 2008 McShep Awards
Dearest, placed Puddlejumper Award in the 'Drama' category in the 2008 McShep Awards


Lavvyan became active in Merlin fandom in 2008. Unlike in SGA fandom she didn't write a lot in Merlin fandom and her fiction didn't have much of an impact, however, her invaluable talent for creating fannish infrastructure left a lasting impression because of how it helped to shape the fandom. A few weeks after its creation in September 2008, the rapidly growing merlinxarthur community got additional mods and one of them was lavvyan. She introduced the tagging system[6] that was developed and refined for mckay_sheppard[7], the main John/Rodney slash community in SGA fandom, and helped to enforce it.

With so many people coming to Merlin fandom for whom Merlin is their first fandom or first journal-based fandom, the tagging structure provides the community of almost 7,000 members[8] with the tools needed to find all the fanfiction, fanart, vids, etc. (or even a single post!) in all the thousands of entries, which is lurker-friendly and constantly draws in new people. The tagging system later spread to other Merlin communities such as the merlin_vids community. Lavvyan also founded the fic finding community merlin_finders, which might be an even more visible contribution to the fandom.

Some of lavvyan's Merlin stories include:

Sherlock Holmes


Lavvyan has written meta on a variety of topics, including:


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