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Name: Thanfiction
Alias(es): Victoria Bitter, VB, Amy Player, Jordan Wood, Mr Frodo, Voyagerbabe, Padawan Sidious, PadawanS, Strwriter, Chris the Marine, Rennie Gade, Andrew Blake, andythanfiction [1]
Type: fanwriter, fanartist
Fandoms: The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Due South, Star Trek: Voyager, Sharpe, Horatio Hornblower, Hunger Games, Captain America, Game of Thrones
Communities: daydverse
URL: andythanfiction on Tumblr
thanfiction's art on DA
Thanfiction on
Lord of the Rings fan fic and art, archived link
Due South, Horatio Hornblower and Star Trek Voyager fan fic and art, archived
Victoria Bitter on
Fandom Wank on VB
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Andy Blake, a.k.a. Thanfiction, is a fanwriter and fanartist best known for his involvement in a number of high-profile fandom controversies.

While he had previous pseuds in the late 1990s, he's most known for joining the Lord of the Rings fandom in the early 2000s as Victoria Bitter. He later went on to use a number of other pseuds.

For much more, see Victoria Bitter Wank.

Thanfiction's best-known fanfic is the Harry Potter epic Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness, which has spawned an extensive shared universe called the DAYDverse.

In 2011, this fan was involved in a triple homicide. [2]

In 2013, Thanfiction started participating in and writing meta on tumblr for the Supernatural fandom, in which Thanfiction ships Dean/Castiel and has organized fan meet-ups.

In February 2015, Aja Romano published The Strange Lives of Andrew Blake, an article on Blake that was extremely controversial. The article and the events that followed provoked a great deal of criticism from those interviewed for the article, and within fandom at large.


Victoria Bitter's FanFiction.Net bio, written in 2001 or 2002:

Joined Sep 7, 2001, id: 108619

Author has written 21 stories for Horatio Hornblower, Lord of the Rings, and Due South.

Victoria Bitter is no longer active in online fandom. The website she started, is still going strong, but there will be no additional writing or art. Apologies and thanks to all who have so kindly reviewed here and elsewhere. [3]
Thanfiction's FanFiction.Net bio, written in 2008 and updated in 2013:

Joined 04-13-08, id: 1550595

Hi, I'm Thanfiction, short for stranger-than-fiction, also known as Andrew, a 30-year-old guy who has found himself in up to his pointed hat in the most out-of-control one-shot in the history of the wizarding world. If you want to know more about me, you can just ask, really. I'm a pretty open kinda bloke. I'm brash, opinionated, and a bit sharp-tongued at times, so consider yourself warned. I'm also an artist, doing a great deal of work in the HP fandom in a wide variety of styles and media, including many illustrations for my own fic. You can find all of my artwork [at DeviantArt], but please heed the tags when it comes to what is appropriate for what age of eyes. Ignore these, I'm not responsible for paying for your therapist. [...]

UPDATE JULY 2, 2013: As you may have noticed, I've recently gotten into SPN fandom, specifically Destiel. Yes, I'm still doing the Daydverse, I'm still finishing AP. Life - including a nasty little triple homicide [4], three major moves, four job changes, and starting school - got in the way for a while, but I refuse to give up. A certain hunter and his angel may have wedged a place in my muse and heart, but the DA will always come first. [5]
Thanfiction's FanFiction.Net bio, written in 2008 and updated in 2015:

Author has written 119 stories for Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Supernatural.

Hi, I'm Thanfiction, also known as Andy, a 31-year-old guy who has found himself in up to his pointed hat in the most out-of-control one-shot in the history of the wizarding world. If you're here, odds are it's about "Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness," my version of Neville and the DA's 7th year at Hogwarts. Believe it or not, that was my first fanfic, starting out as a little 4,000 word one-shot called "Dumbledore's Army: Still Recruiting" back in April 08. It exploded, becoming a series over the next several weeks, and is now a novel. Well, actually, it's now two completed novels and one WIP that started posting on 10 March, '09 (and has been suspended due to real life issues but NOT abandoned) in what has become referred to by a shockingly high number of people as the DAYDverse. The stories in that universe that are mine are here.

ALL of this, and indeed, your sort of one-stop-shopping for the DAYDverse, including the full master list of all the fics involved in it, may be found here:

There is also a Daydverse fan community On Facebook

Questions can be sent to [redacted]. [6]
Thanfiction's LiveJournal art page bio (2008?):
I'm Thanfiction, also known as Andrew, also known as Andy, also known as a 25 year old guy new to fandom as of April '08. My interests are quite varied, I write fanfiction with extreme gusto and have strong opinions on most things, but all that is over here, on my LJ, which is friends-locked. What matters here is that I'm also a rather prolific artist. I take commissions not only willingly, but extremely eagerly, and have developed rather a specialty for rare pairings. I'll draw anything you want as long as it is between consenting human (or relatively human) adults and involves no bodily fluids not normally found in sex, and my rates and other niggly details are found below. You're welcome to peruse this journal and/or my Deviantart page, and I hope you are struck with the uncontrollable impulse to get that image of your favorite character, pairing, or moment out of your head and into your hands at last! [7]


Detailed Timelines

An Abridged Timeline

  • Early 2003: Jordan Wood a.k.a. misterfrodo joins Bit of Earth; Victoria Bitter is reported to have committed suicide. In February, Jordan Wood and Victoria Bitter are revealed to be the same person.
  • December 2003: Bit of Earth/Tentmoot fiasco; Amy Player is charged with identity theft and charity fraud
  • March 2007: Amy Player admits to being Strwriter, Voyagerbabe, Victoria Bitter, Mr. Frodo, and Jordan Wood;[15] claims to be leaving fandom for good.[16]
  • December 2009: Thanfiction is identified as the same person as Victoria Bitter (et al.).[17]
  • May 2011: Thanfiction/Andrew Blake is involved in a triple homicide. [18]
  • December 2013: Thanfiction announced a LARP event, "Supernatural Season Nine Finale Apocalarp", to be held in conjunction with Supernatural's season 9 finale, and based on canonical elements of the show's futuristic dystopia of episode 5x04 "The End".[19] This venture has received some criticism, with various people posting warnings of Thanfiction's previous fannish behaviour.[20][21]

Victoria Bitter

See Victoria Bitter Wank for descriptions of this fan's activities, including sockpuppets, fraud, and general mayhem and manipulation. And worse.

In December 2009, the Harry Potter fanfic writer and fanartist Andrew Blake was identified as Victoria Bitter [22] Prior to Victoria Bitter's entry into LOTR fandom, they wrote Due South and Star Trek Voyager fan fiction and made fan art under the name of Voyagerbabe.

Victoria Bitter initially contributed to The Lord of the Rings RPF fandom with well-received fic. Victoria Bitter (with then-partner OrangeBlossom) created numerous sockpuppets. Victoria Bitter claimed to be channeling Elijah Wood's spirit, and that JRR Tolkien's writing was based on historical fact, and was receiving Meriadoc Brandybuck's memories in a dream.

Victoria Bitter and OrangeBlossom defrauded the convention and their attendees by taking money for products and services they never meant to deliver, ruining the con in the process. Turimel, another member of, wrote a book about her experiences with Victoria Bitter. It was called When the Fan Hits the Shit. [23]

Victoria Bitter later faked suicide repeatedly.

In 2011, "Andrew Blake" wrote a lengthy email to fan blogger Carlanime in which, among other improbable information, he claimed to have multiple personalities, as in clinical DID. Fan blogger/artist L.B. Lee, who is multiple, wrote a complete point-by-point rundown of Blake's email, enumerating the reasons why Blake's statements were BS. MST: Andy Blake, the Most Multi of Multis, Part 1 (part 2 here)

Some Images

Meta/Further Reading

For much more, see Victoria Bitter Wank.

General, Multiple Dates, or Undated


  • Hobbits Gone Wrong; Archive by Zach Dundas, July 14, 2004. Article about the Bit Of Earth/Tent Moot fraud, sidetracking into Lord of the Rings fan fiction. Typically for a mainstream publication, fan fiction is characterized primarily as slash.






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