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Title: Zodiac
Publisher: British Mensa Ltd.
Author(s): Neil Rodgers
Cover Artist(s): Neil Rodgers
Illustrator(s): Neil Rodgers
Date(s): the zine is undated but probably published in 1993
Medium: print, photocopied
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Zodiac is a two-part Star Trek: TNG novel by Neil Rodgers.

The zines are undated but likely published in 1993. Each part has 30 pages.

It was published for/by a British Star Trek SIG (Mensa special interest group). Similar zines are Trenhaile, Almost Human, Q-de-grace, and Shotten Herrings.

From the zine: "This original fanzine story is for limited, private circulation amongst Mensa members only and is not for sale."