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Newsletter Community
Name: Yuri Today - Your Daily Yuri Newsletter
Date(s): 21 November 2010 - 29 September 2011
Moderator: pseudo_tsuga, quaedam, sheepfairy, vane_nt
Fandom: Yuri
URL: http://yuritoday.livejournal.com/

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Yuri Today was a yuri themed newsletter hosted on LiveJournal. It covered anime/manga/cartoon/video game fandoms that were otherwise not included in Femslash Today.


The newsletter was created in a similar manner to Femslash Today as it was compiled by volunteer archivists and linked all the yuri fanworks that were posted/promoted on the feed of [1], Yuri Today's watch journal, or submitted by people commenting on previous newsletters. The newsletter ended in September of 2011.