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Fan Art
Title: Your Fantasy Here, illo for "Rebels and Mercs"
Date(s): 1995 (created), 1996 as the cover of No Holds Barred #12
First Published: private commission, then zine cover
Genre/Style: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7/The Professionals
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Your Fantasy Here is a crossover illo by Suzan Lovett portraying William Bodie and Roj Blake.

It was result of bid at the 1995 ZebraCon charity auction.

At the charity auction, Catherine (with donations from Debbie and me) won the Suzie Lovett "Your Fantasy Here" drawing. Although the drawing came with the stipulation that mix and match pairs were not allowed, Catherine talked her into our collective dream — Blake and Bodie. She seemed quite keen on the idea, actually, and I think asked to see Debbie's story. We ail have copies of the drawing now and they're gorgeous. [1]
No holds barred 12 interior by suzan lovett small.jpg

A photocopy of the illo was printed in Rallying Call #17 by one of its bidders. [2]

The original was displayed on a fan's door at MediaWest*Con in 1996. [3]

It later became the only interior illo in No Holds Barred #12, and was for the story "Rebels and Mercs" by Catherine S..

In this scene Bodie and Blake are done in a fantasy style, one far, far away from the the city grit of Pros and the cold sterile space of Blake's 7. The drawing combining these two characters in a crossover is most likely the only one in existence. One reviewer describes it as "Very sweet Blake/Bodie in an idyllic woodland setting. Too sweet for my tastes, actually, but it's a beautiful piece of work." [4]


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