You Strike Me Still

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Title: You Strike Me Still
Date(s): March 2008
Medium: print
Fandom: Alexander
Language: English
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cover by Barbara

You Strike Me Still is an Alexander/Hephaistion 291-page slash anthology, based on the movie Alexander. The color cover is by Barbara. Other artists are Lodewijk, Loki, Sal, and Teamane.

The stories run the gamut from AU, war, angst, romance, and more. Six pieces of colour art as well as b/w art are inside the zine. While some of the stories have happy endings, others demonstrate the tragedy of the time period and Alexander's life.


Summaries from You Strike Me Still fansite:

  • What Life Shines, It Is Within Him by ConstantineMK
  • Silent Protector by Nadja Lee
  • Love Letters by Moon71. Growing up is never easy. Alexander and Hephaestion know they're in love, but the question remains: which sort of love is right for them? Hephaestion knows what he wants but Alexander isn't so sure. If they can't agree, will he lose Hephaestion forever?
  • Finding Peace by Jonas. True love can survive anything - including death.
  • Philalexandros by Gwen
  • Moments in Time by Nadja Lee
  • Dreams by Jonas. Dreams. They can mean so much and at the same little.
  • Steel Beauty by Nadja Lee
  • With a Kiss by Loki
  • Babylon by Beryll. Babylonian nights are hot, Babylonian days are not exactly cool either... (Netfic)
  • I'm Nothing Without You by Nadja Lee. Companion to "I Worry For You Without Me"
  • I Worry For You Without Me by Nadja Lee. Companion to "I'm Nothing Without You"
  • Never Regret by Wannabelg. Alexander and Hephaestion pay a visit to their great example, and Alexander's dream: the grave of Achilles and Patroclus.
  • Many Hated Him by Nadja Lee. Companion piece to "Isolation Of Love"
  • Isolation Of Love by Nadja Lee. Companion piece to "Many Hated Him"
  • The Episode of Gaugamela by Loki
  • The Price Of Loyalty by Nadja Lee
  • Choices by Myr Juhl. Busy tending royal duties, Alexander is on the verge of losing the love of his life.
  • Desert Songs by Rothalion. Alexander struggles with the uncertainty of Hephaistion's wellbeing, while Hephaistion battles the desert. (Netfic)
  • Once I had A Dream by Nadja Lee
  • Hushed Be Every Thought by Joanne. Jealousy towards Hephaestion comes to a head after he rides at Alexander's side into Babylon in the fall of 331BC.
  • Demon Soul by Loki
  • Slighted Lover by Joanne
  • Princes and Princesses by Myr J. Alexander and Hephaestion discuss their future.
  • Victory Hard Won by Demon Faith. A man is not broken by battle - he is broken by pride.
  • Leaving Babylon Behind by Michelle Nicole B. While preparing to lead his army out of Babylon to continue his campaign, Alexander the Great is faced with many situations - not the least of all, Hephaestion's growing distance in romantic matters as well as being both Alexander's friend and his general.