You Call This Living?

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Title: You Call This Living?
Editor(s): Kathy Coy
Date(s): 1991-?
Medium: print
Fandom: War of the Worlds
Language: English
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submission request published in The Blackwood Project #8, click to enlarge

You Call This Living? is a gen War of the Worlds anthology. There are two issues.

From the submission request: "In a war, sometimes your side wins — sometimes the other side comes out ahead. Sometimes thev lose — sometimes you lose. Sometimes winning and losing aren't all that different. Life works that way, too. I'm looking for stories that can get the readers sighing, crying, smiling, laughing, or maybe even groaning. Plausible plots are always welcome! Although my heart is with the first season. Til take a look at any really good second season story; when you're on a regular first-name basis with the Mor-Taxian Frog Squad, what's a little improbability like second season? Artwork is also welcome, as are cartoons and any other little oddments suitable for leavening angst!" [1]

Issue 1

You Call This Living? 1 was published in 1991.

From the editor in May 1991:

my next WOTW zine is You Call This Living? Its pub date has been pushed back to July-ish; that's mostly Mary G.T. Weber's fault for offering me mucho delicious stuff and then disappearing off the face of the fannish earth, but that's another story! The zine has a couple of other unique goodies as well, so.... [2]

Issue 2

You Call This Living? 2


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