You & The Zine You Wrote In On

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Title: You & The Zine You Wrote In On
Publisher: Rolling Thunder Press
Editor(s): Cynthia Shannon & Dar F
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Hardcastle and McCormick
Language: English
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cover by Melinda Reynolds

You & The Zine You Wrote In On is a 82-page gen Hardcastle and McCormick anthology. The cover was by Melinda Reynolds.

Available free with every purchase of this zine was a copy of the slash Alternate Lifestyles of the Rich/Famous.

This zine promised to be "a fiction zine devoted entirely to Hardcastle & McCormick! You won't have to pay for fancy graphics or silk-screened covers, because Rolling Thunder Press is going back to the good old days when you only paid for plain and simply good fiction!" [1]


  • Just Another Version of Those Old Songs, filks by Cynthia Shannon and Dar F (4)
  • A Sonny Daye in Malibu by Cynthia Shannon (Eight months after his New Jersey reunion with his estranged father, McCormick receives a short letter from the singer. Can Hardcastle help Mark come to terms with a father who doesn't care?) (6)
  • It Coulda Been Worse, These Coulda Aired by Dar F (We'd Like to See) (14)
  • It's Almost Midnight and I'm Not Famous Yet by Lizabeth Tucker (Missing scenes from the episode "You Don't Hear the One That Gets You.") (18)
  • Off to Camp Again by Dar F (Thrills and chills await Mark and the Judge during a quiet camping trip in the woods.) (25)
  • The Brick at the Top of the Stairs by Cynthia Shannon (A slip by Mark traps he and Hardcastle in the wine cellar at Gulls Way. While awaiting rescue, the judge reveals the reason McCormick was chosen to be his fast gun.) (32)
  • The Fall of the House of Hardcastle by Dar F (45)
  • Winner Takes All by Melinda Reynolds (Visiting Gull Way to pick up Hardcastle annual charity contribution, Loren Dant spies McCormick and wagers the judge he can steal the young man away to 'work' for him.) (52)
  • Scared Blank by Cynthia Shannon (57)
  • Life Ain't a Bing Crosby Movie by Dar F (While Hardcastle is away for the weekend, Mark is mistakenly jailed. While awaiting release, McCormick is brutally assaulted. Can Hardcastle help Mark deal with the deep psychological scars left by the attack?) (59)
  • Under the Covers, McCormick! by Shannon and Dar F
  • a madlib


  1. from Pop Stand Express #3